At Elite Muscle Health we aim to provide professional and quality treatment through detailed assessment, latest techniques and genuine care for the client. Part of our philosophy involves educating the client in injury prevention, detection and management.

We do not only treat athletes – we treat EVERYONE. From desk bound computer workers with lower back pain to stressed mums with tension headaches, we can assist with all types of problems.

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Our Services

Remedial Massage

Through muscle and postural assessment, the aim of remedial massage is to treat the dysfunction causing the pain to improve range of movement.

Sports Massage

Incorporates a number of different techniques such as deep tissue, triggerpoint, effleurage and MET’s to flush toxins and loosen muscles that have become sore and tight through over exertion.


Deep pressure on an active triggerpoint (tender bunch of muscle fibres) encourages the muscle to relax and/or gain length increasing range of movement.

Myofascial Release

Often refers to slow deep pressured massage to gently stretch and release the myofascia which interconnects every muscle, bone, nerve, organ and cell in the body.

Myofascial Dry Needling

Incorporates the use of acupuncture needles to relieve active triggerpoints and tight bands of muscle fibres, increasing range of movement. Also has neural capabilities to switch on or off individual muscles or groups.


Through use of suction, the skin is gently drawn away from the muscle aiding in the release of fascia, scar tissue, muscle adhesions and connective tissue around joints.

About Scott

Scott Marzato, a homegrown Novocastrian, has spent 5 years in Sydney training with some of Australia’s best Sports Doctors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and Nutritionists. Throughout this time Scott has treated many high profile athletes including Jarryd Hayne (NRL Star), Adam Goodes (Sydney Swans), Lance “Buddy” Franklin (Sydney Swans), Michael Hooper (Wallabies), Kurtley Beale (Wallabies), James Troisi (Socceroos), Mark Milligan (Socceroos), James Magnussen (Olympic swimmer), Melissa Wu (Olympic diver), Erik Van Dooren (Swiss Olympic swimmer) and Matthew Abood (Olympic swimmer).

Scott spent 5 seasons with the Sydney Swans as a Sports Trainer and Massage Therapist travelling with the team to their games all over Australia. Being the first point of call on the field, Scott assisted the players with their many injuries. Scott also provided the Sydney Swans players with maintenance massages through the week, to assist in keeping their bodies in good shape, helping them to cope with their intense training regime.

Throughout the 2010/11 A-league Season Scott provided maintenance massage to the Newcastle Jets. He also treated the Wallabies players in 2014 while they were training and playing in Sydney.

Now back in Newcastle Scott opened his own clinic in 2016. He and his competent team cover many travelling sports teams from different codes that travel here to play. NRL teams like Melbourne Storm, Penrith Panthers and Gold Coast Titans and A-League teams such as Melbourne Victory and Brisbane Roar are just a few that trust us for their soft tissue maintenance when playing in Newcastle.

Scott has a strong sports background playing representative Rugby Union for Newcastle, and was selected multiple times to play for NSW Country. More recently he played football and currently competes in triathlons and enjoys Pilates and yoga. Scott has suffered many different serious injuries throughout his sporting history and spent many hours in rehabilitation with one of Newcastle’s best physiotherapists. Scott’s many injuries lead him to pursue a career in sports remedial massage having realised he can remain connected to sports in a major way and with new motivation.

My main focus is:

That to help reach your maximum health potential, you must not only eat healthily and exercise but look after the mind as well. Take time out of our busy lives to relax and enjoy yourself, everything in moderation. Healthy mind, body and soul.
To take time in the day to have a little stretch and move your joints around, many of us these days spend too many hours in certain postures that are not healthy for our bodies. Taking as little as a few minutes a couple of times a day can make a big difference! “To help reach your maximum health potential, you must not only eat healthily and exercise but look after the mind as well” 
Working with people and helping them achieve a level of health and happiness they desire.
I love being fit and active so in my spare time I train and compete in Triathlon, ocean swims, ride mountain bikes, a little gym, pilates, yoga and love going to the beach. I am also passionate about spending time with my family and friends and working on my vintage muscle car. I love just about all sports but my main interests would be swimming, cycling, running, rugby union and league, football (soccer) and AFL.

About Tehjana

Born and raised in the Upper Hunter, Tehjana moved to Newcastle 5 years ago at the completion of her Higher School Certificate.

As an avid sports fan, Tehjana has always been interested in the treatment and rehabilitation of acute and chronic injuries. During her Diploma of Remedial Massage at TAFE, Tehjana worked in conjunction with the Newcastle Knights and the Newcastle Jets providing soft tissue therapy. Since completing her degree, Tehjana has continued to work with the Newcastle Jets as their Head Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. She has just completed her 3rd season at the club.

Throughout her short career, Tehjana has had the opportunity to work with various athletes from both the NRL and the A-League. She has also worked as a part of the Massage Team for the Fijiian International NRL Squad for the 2016 Pacific Test.

My main focus is:

I believe in;

  • surrounding yourself with like minded, positive people as it breeds happiness and success
  • the importance of stretching
  • the cliche health is an investment not an expense
  • the importance of looking after your whole being. Mind, body and soul
It is necessary to reiterate the importance of nutrition, exercise, rest and hydration in maintaining optimal health and wellbeing
Personally, I am fascinated by the human body. I love that my job allows me to continually learn about the countless ways the body adapts and functions. Most importantly, my job allows me to help people; to feel as though I’ve made a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small. I am able to assist an individual in achieving their fitness/sporting goals, reduce chronic pain or simply provide a relaxing environment for those who need to de-stress and unwind.
I enjoy spending time with family, the gym and watching sport; if its possible to attend a fixture live, I’ll be there… beats watching it on TV!

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