Sports Massage

Athletes of all levels of ability and achievement now rely on massage as an indispensable part of their training programs. Studies have shown that sports massage, when used regularly in the training regimen, improves an athlete’s recovery after exertion, maintains their range of motion, and reduces the risk of injury from overtraining.

Massage is beneficial because it helps you get into better shape quicker, with less stiffness and soreness. It helps you recover faster from heavy workouts and relieves conditions that may cause injury. Massage can be something to look forward to after a workout – a healthy reward.

A regular massage will leave you relaxed and feeling great. A sport specific massage will do that and is geared towards focusing on the stresses placed upon the body by the demands of the sport, for example, areas of greater stress for cyclists and dancers are in the legs; for swimmers in the upper body; for tennis players in the arms and calves; and for golfers in the lumbar and thoracic. These areas are more likely to be tight, lose their flexibility and develop trigger points.

Regular Sports massage can:
⦁ Stretch and relax muscles
⦁ Relieve muscle pain and spasm
⦁ Improve range of motion
⦁ Identify ‘red flag’ areas before they develop into injuries
⦁ Speed recovery from muscular exertion
⦁ Free muscle adhesions
⦁ Restore suppleness and elasticity
⦁ Give the athlete better mind/body connection and awareness
⦁ Reduce muscle stiffness and soreness
⦁ Prepare the athlete for competition

Don’t neglect yourself. Give yourself an advantage over your competitor. It can be your secret weapon.

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